How to dress up for the transitional season

I am an autumn lover. I love the atmosphere, the colours, the beauty of this season. What I do not love is the fact that no matter what you wear: you picked the wrong outfit for the temperatures. The day starts with cool, misty mornings, continues with warm – and sometimes even hot – temperatures, may develop with clouds and rains, and ends freezing. So, it is a bit hard to find the right style, isn’t it? If you have the same weather trouble I have, keep reading: here is a guide for dressing up for the transitional season.

The keyword is…layer!

Grandmothers are always right, even when they tell us how to dress up. Layers are of course the key for your fall styling. But what to layer? Let’s see it together.

keep wearing your summer clothes

Early fall temperatures allow us to keep wearing our favourite summer staples, since during the day the weather is often warm. So, you can still enjoy your summer blouses, silk shirts, dresses and jumpsuits by layering them. How? Of course, they will look great with jackets and cardigans.

But if you want to wear summer dresses and jumpsuit differently, try to layer them with a turtleneck light top underneath, or wearing a sweater over them.

jackets & cardigans

For your fall layers, choose a jacket which is not as cosy as a coat and that can be easily taken off and carried on your arm. The most trending piece is the blazer – both checked and plain. Then, there are three timeless wardrobe staples: the black leather jacket, the denim jacket and the beige trench coat. A super-light puffer jacket can work as well for your casual outfits.

And don’t undervalue the cardigan: a versatile piece you can wear over dresses or with jeans. Choose an extra-long one for a trendy touch.

on the bottom

Trousers are very fashionable right now: you can choose among suit trousers, mom jeans, linen culottes, paper waist trousers and joggers. According to the trends of the season, you can mix and match styles and patterns and still look fashionable: so you can wear joggers with heels and a blouse as well as a suit trouser with a hoodie, a blazer and sneakers.

If you are a skirt kind of person, go for the midi: it is cosier than a mini skirt and won’t get wet when it rains. You can wear it with sweaters and sneakers, or layer it with a belted blazer.

the right shoes

Ankle booties are always a great idea: they are always fashionable, cosy and beautiful. Choose combat booties for a fashionable style, block-heeled booties if you feel more timelessly classy.

In the sunny, warm days, you can easily pair your outfits with leather loafers and ballets, which will give any look an elegant touch, or with white sneakers, a casual staple in any wardrobe.

And if you feel brave, take advantage of rainy days to wear your colourful Hunter boots.

The must have accessories

The must have accessory number one is, of course…umbrella: take it with you all the time.

The accessory number two is sunglasses: for the crazy weather’s moods and a stylish diva touch.

More nice fall accessories are a silk scarf to knot around your neck, a golden layered necklace to add that touch of glam, a good fedora hat, and of course a belt: the most trending accessory of the year.

Pictures are from Pinterest.

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