How to stop comparing yourself to the others

Getting out of the comparison game will make you happier and more confident. Still, stopping comparing yourself to the others is not easy at all: everyone, even the most confident person, does it – and the fact we are bombed with pictures and reels of perfect lives, endless travels, beautiful homes and flawless bodies 24/7 just increases that.

Comparing yourself to the other is the best way to feel bad and struggle loving yourself: here are 4 tips to stop doing it.

Featured image: Asiyami Gold

don’t believe to everything you see

No matter how real that pictures on your Instagram feed look like: many of them are just a content built for an audience. No body is flawless, no house is always tidy, no one is happy 365 days a year and, most of all, no life is perfect. Anyone has flaws, down days, problems – but of course it is not what they will show on social medias. What would you rather post – a picture of you during a panic attack or a picture of your most amazing trip? On the feed, people will always show only the best of their lives. And often they also retouch their photos, especially when it comes to body.

Learn not to trust everything you see on social medias. And mute or unfollow people who make you feel bad with yourself.

make peace with yourself

It’s hard to be 100% satisfyied with any aspect of your life and your self. But you can still learn to accept them: make pace with your past and with the mistakes you made, accept your flaws (but keep working to improve yourself) and embrace and enjoy your present. You have been gifted with life: enjoy it and make it extraordinary.

change your mindset

Change your mindset: instead of being jelous of other people, look at them as a source of inspiration and motivation. Instead of judging yourself and putting yourself down, accept compliments, encourage yourself, invest in yourself.

focus on your progresses

Following people that inspire you to do better is a good thing. The problem is when you start comparing yourself with them. Probably you won’t be as flexible as the 10 years-experienced yoga teacher you are following, nor everyone can create a 10 million dollar business at 20 like Chiara Ferragni did.

Instead of focusing on what other people “did better than you”, focus on your progresses. To stay in the previous examples, you should focus on how you have been able to improve your half moon instead of on the fact you can’t make a perfect crow; or on the fact your work received many compliments and you got a promotion. Keep a journal to track all your progresses: it will empower you and bring you one step closer to your goals.

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